TGA Breeze S4 Max Large Mobility Scooter with VAT
TGA Breeze S4 Max Large Mobility Scooter with VAT
TGA Breeze S4 Max Large Mobility Scooter with VAT
TGA Breeze S4 Max Large Mobility Scooter with VAT

TGA Breeze S4 Max Large Mobility Scooter with VAT


Regular price £5,340.00 Excluding VAT

Price includes: Engineer delivery and set up + 1st year in home warranty.

Included in the price is your very own trusted Engineer to setup your product and provide guidance on usage. We also offer free delivery throughout the UK which is a great offer when you shop with us online. Also included is the 1st Year in home warranty. Click here to contact us for more info.

The Breeze S4 MAX is an uprated version of TGA's flagship Breeze model. With a 39 stone weight capacity, it combines powerful performance, ease of use, and comfort with reliability. It is the ideal solution for those wanting an outstanding mobility scooter who are unwilling to compromise on quality.

The Breeze S4 MAX differs from the standard S4 in that it has a larger weight capacity, as well as a larger seat. It features uprated suspension, as well as larger "GT" rear wheels. The MAX also has a more powerful higher torque power unit; however it does have a reduced top speed of 6 mph.

A market-leading ground clearance of 6.5 inches (16cm) combines with a gradient climbing ability of up to 21% to mean that the Breeze S4 provides amongst the best handling of our scooters. Fully active suspension and pneumatic tyres ensure a smooth ride, and the extra-large orthopedic seat can cater for people of up to 39 stone. The seat can also be rotated to make embarking and disembarking from the Breeze S4 MAX a simple job, and is fully adjustable too.

One of the safest mobility scooters available, the Breeze S4 has sturdy bumpers at both the front and rear as well as bright LED lights to ensure visibility. The Breeze S4 weighs in at a hefty 23 stone (148kg) giving it a solidity not often associated with mobility scooters. The scooter is backed up by a market-leading three year warranty.

The Breeze S4 features ample storage capacity, with a large lockable rear box that provides secure waterproof storage, an integral front basket, and two handy compartments to either side of the tiller for storing small items such as keys or a mobile phone. The Breeze S4's controls are designed for ease of use, the illuminated display providing you with all the necessary information.

Technical Specs
  • Width - 27 in (68 cm)
  • Length - 64 in (163 cm)
  • Height (seat folded) - 39.5 in (100 cm)
  • Weight - 23.3 st (148 kg)
  • Seating - Rotating, adjustable, folding
  • Weight capacity -39 st (247 kg)
  • Suspension - Uprated, all-round, advanced
  • Ground clearance - 6.5 in (16 cm)
  • Speed - 6 mph (10 kmph)
  • Range - 20 miles (32 km)
  • Battery size - 2 x 12 V (45 Ah)
  • Turning radius - 68 in (174 cm)
  • Front wheel size - 12 in (30 cm)
  • Rear wheel size - 17 in (43 cm)