TGA Minimo 4 Plus Folding Scooter
TGA Minimo 4 Plus Folding Scooter
TGA Minimo 4 Plus Folding Scooter
TGA Minimo 4 Plus Folding Scooter
TGA Minimo 4 Plus Folding Scooter
TGA Minimo 4 Plus Folding Scooter
TGA Minimo 4 Plus Folding Scooter
TGA Minimo 4 Plus Folding Scooter
TGA Minimo 4 Plus Folding Scooter
TGA Minimo 4 Plus Folding Scooter
TGA Minimo 4 Plus Folding Scooter

TGA Minimo 4 Plus Folding Scooter


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TGA Minimo Plus 4


With the same compact size and folding design as TGA’s popular Minimo, the Minimo Plus 4 has extra features to offer enhanced comfort and performance over the standard Minimo. The more powerful control unit provides better performance, while pneumatic tyres provide a smoother ride, and the standard four-wheel configuration, provides additional stability.

Compared to the standard Minimo, the pneumatic tyres on the Minimo Plus 4 result in a smoother, more comfortable ride, as well as providing additional ground clearance. The batteries are Lithium-Ion as standard, and supply a longer range while still being easy to lift – these are available either as 11.5 Ah batteries suitable for air travel, or larger 14.5 Ah ones that cannot be taken on planes but offer a longer range. The Minimo Plus 4 features a more powerful control unit with uprated electronics, giving it better performance. Integrated lights ensure visibility, while the carbon fibre and aluminium frame keep the Minimo Plus 4 as light as possible, yet sturdy.

The Minimo Plus 4 features the same folding design as the Minimo, allowing it to be folded in seconds using just one hand. The lightweight Lithium-Ion battery lifts straight out, and the only difference is that the seat needs to be lifted off – easy to do with a single quick-release lever. It can be stood upright to further save on space, and uniquely can be wheeled around, saving on lifting. This makes it perfect for those looking to travel with a scooter, whether by coach, air or on cruises. It is also ideal for those with limited storage space – a common problem for those in London and the south east.

Weighing just 21 kg without batteries and seat, it can be lifted into and out of a car. However, this is heavier than standard boot scooters that can disassemble, which usually have a heaviest part weighing no more than 15 kg. The Minimo Plus 4 realistically needs two able-bodied people to lift into and out of a car, meaning it is not ideal for those looking to do this by themselves. It is, though, the ideal scooter for hoisting as no disassembly is required to get the scooter in.

The Minimo Plus 4 has a more common spaced-out four-wheel design for enhanced stability and larger 8 inch front wheels. It also features the same seat as the regular Minimo, which has a low back, and little in the way of padding – making it better suited to short trips. The seat does not rotate, which may make getting onto and off the seat trickier for some people. The Plus 4 has a weight capacity of 18 stone; the armrests on the 16″ seat cannot be widened, so larger people may find it uncomfortably tight.

The Minimo Plus 4 is ideal for those looking for a scooter to travel with, or who are lacking storage space, but who want a little extra performance and comfort over the regular Minimo. Like its smaller cousin, it is best for lighter users, who will get the best performance out of it, and fit comfortably into the seat. If you have a little more space, then we would suggest looking at the Maximo, which is a slightly larger folding scooter with more padding to the seat and rear suspension. 

The Minimo Autofold is also now available, which features an automatic powered folding mechanism activated at the press of a button, providing you with the ultimate convenience and saving you from bending down to fold the scooter. While significantly more expensive, it is worth considering if you may struggle with folding a scooter.


  • Standard 4 wheel configuration with wide front axel for more stability
  • Folds in a single simple movement
  • Adjustable tiller and foldable armrests as standard
  • Pneumatic tyres for enhanced comfort, range and ground clearance
  • Safety sensor to control cornering speeds
  • Lightweight lithium battery weighing just 6.5lbs (3kg)
  • Carbon fibre and aluminium frame for lightweight strength
  • Range of up to 12.5 miles (20km)
  • User weight of up to 18 stone (115kg)


The same superb Minimo but with four wheels for enhanced stability.

  • MAX WEIGHT 18 stone
  • MAX SPEED 4 mph
  • RANGE 12.5 miles

Weight30 kgDimensions96 × 55 cmMotor Output (W)

Battery (V)


Range (Miles)

Max User Weight


Turning Radius (cm)

Max Incline